Monday, May 16, 2011

ItWorks Body Wrap Results - Marci

I have had 3 kids, one in Dec 2006, one in April 2008 and my last in August 2009. Not having much of a break in between kids I feel like I have lost my body completely. I have stretch marks and flab that just wont go away. I just got these wraps about a week ago and finished my second last night. I unfortunately could not find my measuring tape for the life of me (we are in the process of moving) but I did however take pictures.

I can't believe I am going to post these either! But I am proof that they work! The pics I post will be before my first wrap and then 72 hours after that one. You can see my stretch marks are less noticeable and my stomach is tighter overall! I have hope again that I can get my body back and look great! My husband is also trying them and just after his first one, I swear he looks like Ryan Reynolds!! :)

ItWorks Body wraps really work! I am a true believer and will use these for the rest of my life!

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