Sunday, May 15, 2011

Heather Johnson's Skinny Wrap Review!

        I would like to start by saying, after years of battling weight problems, I was kind of skeptical about a "Wrap" would help slim me in just 45 minutes.  But I tried it anyway.
        It came in discreet packaging, which was great. I don't like others knowing my business. I read all the instructions, and thought, "this is way too easy!" I simply took the wrap from the package, and placed it on my freshly cleaned belly. I had an ACE bandage to help keep the wrap secure. About 3 minutes into wearing it, I begin to fell the warmth and tingle. About 10 minutes into it, I was doing housework, and it slipped my mind I was wearing it until my kitchen timer went off, reminding me it was time to take the wrap off.  I went to the bathroom and disposed of the wrap, and cleaned off the excess gel.
          Now, keep in mind, I'm still a little skeptical. But once my belly dried from washing it, My skin felt firmer and tighter.  I normally wear size 18 Jeans, but I have a few size 16 for those "just in case I lose a little" LOL...I tried on a pair of the 16, an to my amazement, I could button them with no problem! I was like"No freakin way!!!" My husband was even shocked! If I could afford these all the time, I would do the 3 month program with no hesitation! This is by far the simplest "diet" I have ever done!!  Thank you "The Skinny You!'

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